10 Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds


Synthetic grass for playground offers many benefits to kids who enjoy the outdoors. Artificial grass is also worth considering if you’re looking for a way to cover recreational surfaces with a durable product.

Here are the 10 benefits of synthetic grass for playgrounds that could make it the right choice for you.

Safety must be your top priority when you are installing a playground. Synthetic grass is an extremely safe play surface. It offers a soft cushion that helps absorb shock and minimize injuries from falls. Safety surfacing from artificial turf cuts down the chance of life-threatening head injury. Additionally, the soft blades of grass are less likely to cut into the skin than wood chips or sand.

Natural grass is slippery when wet and may result in a slip and fall accident. Synthetic grass is made from nylon and polyethylene materials that are not slippery when wet and can provide a cushion that protects children when they fall. It also does not harbor bacteria like natural grass. Since there are no organic materials for the bacteria to thrive on, bacteria will not grow and spread on synthetic grass playground.

Artificial grass provides better access to your playground for different people. From young to old, even to those with mobility issues. Wheelchair users will find the smooth surface of the turf easy and safe to move about. Synthetic grass gives a smooth surface that doesn’t displace like gravel or wood which helps those with mobility issues to access the playground with ease.

Synthetic turf is an ideal solution for an accessible playground or recreational area for people of all abilities. Those who have difficulty walking or balancing on an uneven surface will benefit from the flat surface of synthetic grass.

Playing on the playground with natural grass always leads to mess. The grass can cause stains on clothing. One thing you will love with a playground covered in artificial turf is the way the kids will come home clean after play. The kids can have a great time outdoor without messy mud and dirt and the big load of laundry after.

Synthetic grass is made from durable nylon fibres that do not show signs of wear. Unlike natural grass that gets squashed after someone steps on it, the material on artificial turf spring back into an upright position. Artificial grass lasts longer than other playground surfaces like pour-in-place or rubber bonding. It can last up to eight years or longer that’s why installing artificial turf can save you money in the long run.

After installing synthetic grass in your playground, there’s little need to be done to keep it in good condition. Artificial turf needs lower maintenance compared with other surfaces. Natural grass needs mowing, fertilizing and watering to maintain. Bark and gravel need to be cleaned and refilled consistently.

Artificial turf just needs periodic rinse with a hose to clean dust, and other debris can be easily cleaned using a broom, rake or blower.

Sand, gravel, and bark can be displaced resulting in patchy areas. Playing in natural grass can do a number of things on the blades resulting in worn areas. Grass and gravel can wear away quickly at the base of the steps, under swings, and at the bottom of the slide. Wear and tear usually show in most traffic areas.

When you install synthetic grass there will be no wear and tear because artificial turf will not wear away or give you patch areas. The grass blades will spring back into place and it only needs a quick brushing to maintain.

Artificial grass is customizable. You don’t have to stick with green, you can be creative and design your playground space. Artificial turf comes in different shades and colors. You can cover the play area in different shades. You can use different colors to spark children’s imagination.

Synthetic grass can hold up to any weather conditions. Extreme heat or cold does not damage the turf. Artificial grass materials are specially engineered to withstand hot, windy, cool, or frigid temperatures. Studies have shown that different weather condition does not damage artificial turf. It can cut maintenance costs because the turf does not need special climate care, unlike other surfaces.

Artificial grass for playgrounds is safer and a smart financial investment. Materials are durable, it can last longer and cost less than other surfacing materials. Pour-in-place generally needs repairs after about five years. Artificial grass lasts up to eight years and longer.

While initial installation may seem expensive, but If you compute the money you will save on maintenance and repair you will discover that installing synthetic grass for your playground is a smart investment.

Synthetic grass is environmentally friendly because you save more water by installing the artificial turf. You cut down on gas use since you won’t need to mow or trim the grass. Also, you eliminate all the weed killers and chemical fertilizers that may harm the environment.

If you’re looking for the benefits of synthetic grass for playground, you’ll find that the benefits are plentiful. Artificial grass for playground makes the best ground cover. It provides a cleaner and safer play environment for your kids and it can last longer without the need for repair. Call us for additional information if you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of synthetic grass for playground.