6 Reasons To Switch To Fake Grass


A street facing natural lawn at your property can add significant aesthetic appeal to the house and create a beautiful aesthetic that impresses passersby. The downside to a grass strip out the front of your house is the heavy maintenance and expense of keeping it looking fresh. Your entire front yard, or segments of your patio can be enhanced rather simply using a range of fake grass solutions. Fake grass is a simple, efficient product that looks good all year round, rain hail or shine.

The following six benefits of fake grass have been written prompt our readers to make the switch to fake turf this Summer. We have been supplying artificial turf for 20 years all over Sydney. You can assuredly trust our experience when it comes to recommending top quality fake turf products.

  • No More Mowing: Mowing the lawn in Summer can be absolutely terrifying. It’s hot, you get whipped by twigs and other natural detritus and the lawnmower is heavy. There are easier alternatives to mowing the lawn! Artificial turf is a real looking, yet inorganic product that does not grow and doesn’t require mowing. You will never have to mow your lawn again when you switch to fake grass. The only upkeep required will be the occasional sweep with a broom to remove light particles. This also reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Reduced Water Bills: Because it never grows, fake grass does not need to be watered. This has two benefits. Your water bill will be reduced because there is no need to turn on the sprinkler or tap. Also, in circumstances of drought, when your neighbour’s lawn has turned brown, you will be surrounded by a gorgeous green patio no matter how dry it gets.
  • Reduced Allergic Discomfort: This benefit is especially relevant if you have kids. Dust and pollen love to hide in real lawns and can be particularly nasty for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Another great reason to switch to high quality fake grass is to eliminate the itchy eyes and stuffed noses that traditional lawns are liable to cause.
  • Child and Pet Friendly: Natural grass can wear down to the dirt when hidden from the sun or when treated unkindly by pedestrians or motor vehicles. Artificial grass, on the other hand stays plump and soft all year round. Falling on the dirt can lead to bruises, blood and infection. Contrastingly, artificial turf remains soft and safe to fall on when playing tag or other imaginary games.
  • Reduced Heat and Glare: It’s not often known that fake grass does not retain heat from the sun any more than real grass does. A properly installed artificial lawn will actually be cooler to tread on than real dirt and grass when in direct contact with the sun’s rays.
  • Adds Value To Your Property: The range of benefits of fake grass when sold can add value to your property. The benefits of no mowing and watering are particularly relevant when selling the appeal of your artificial grass. Home buyers are looking for a beautiful property that requires low maintenance and expense and fake grass fits the bill very nicely and can manifest a strong finishing touch on any property.

Artificial Grass Installation

If you’re interested in buying the highest quality fake grass in Sydney for your property, contact your friendly synthetic grass supplier today. GRASS RUBBER PLAY has a range of artificial grass products suited to any facade. We have 20 years’ experience in Sydney supplying and installing Australian synthetic lawns and we give a one year warranty on all synthetic lawn products. Our customers highly recommend all of our synthetic grass products.

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