Benefits of Synthetic Grass to Commercial Property


Synthetic grass is great for residential properties. It also benefits businesses and commercial properties. Restaurants, hotels, playgrounds, theme parks are just some of the commercial areas that benefit from artificial grass.

The first impression should leave a positive impact. Ensure that the surrounding landscape of your business or commercial property is in top shape. Synthetic grass will showcase your business in a positive light by advertising your space as a well maintained and eco-friendly institution.
Upgrade your business with a durable and beautiful landscape that can save you time, money and water.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass to Commercial Property

Enhance Curbside Appeal
Synthetic grass keeps its color and shape all year long, which enhances your curb appeal and adds value to your property. It attracts more people with your inviting storefront and creates a lasting positive effect on visitors.

Artificial grass keeps the external aesthetic of your commercial space looking fresh and green all year round. It creates a professional atmosphere for the visitors as they walk through your property. As you keep your business looking at its best, customers will continue to come through the front door.

The initial cost of synthetic grass may be higher than sod, but you will save time and money over the next decade outweighing the initial cost. Here are a few things that will make you save money:

  1. No mowing
  2. No fertilizers
  3. No weeds
  4. Less water usage

These things will save you money in the long run. Saving money will keep your business more profitable. Using artificial grass is a smart investment. The installation cost will pay for itself in five years and it’s guaranteed to last for 15-20 years.

No watering, no mowing, no fertilising, and no need to hire a gardener; synthetic grass requires low maintenance. You will be surely benefiting from reduced maintenance costs.

You will only need to hose it down occasionally and brush the parts that get the most foot traffic. The low-maintenance nature of artificial turf will save your business a significant amount of money on expensive ground maintenance costs.

Hard-wearing under heavy foot traffic
Synthetic grass has a long-life expectancy under heavy foot traffic. It is hard-wearing and will remain strong all year round, despite being walked on frequently. This feature is great for businesses that have a large number of customers every day.

Artificial grass is built to last and will not come loose or lose its shape after daily foot traffic from customers and employees. It will still look luscious like the day it was installed.

Synthetic Grass can be used in all weather
Synthetic turf offers all-weather use that natural grass can’t compete with. If your commercial facility has outdoor space, you can use artificial grass rain or shine and it will not turn to mud after moderate to heavy rain.

When we install your artificial turf, we will put an effective drainage system that will make sure your turf will not form muddles or floods when it rains.

Synthetic grass also has environmental benefits for business. Since its ever-green and stays the same in color, height and texture there is no need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

Installing artificial grass save millions of litres of water. Aside from occasional hosing as part of routine maintenance, synthetic grass can reduce water consumption which keeps your water bill low and keep more water in our reserves. If your company wants to go green, this is the best way to start.

Synthetic grass has many benefits than natural grass. We’ve helped may companies install artificial turf. If you’d like to learn more about synthetic grass application, contact us today. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions and find the best turf solution for your business.