Best Practice In Bowling Green Maintenance


If you own or work at a bowling club, you may find yourself asking “How do I perform bowling green maintenance?” The use of synthetic grass on bowling greens is increasing in popularity as more and more people begin to understand the benefits of using Astroturf instead of real grass. Synthetic grass does not require chemicals and water to keep it clean and green, however it does require regular maintenance to ensure it always remains pristine and in good condition.

As bowling greens are generally outdoors and therefore face heat, rain and humidity, mould and other organic growth are the main threats to the state of your synthetic bowling green. It is so important to make sure that mould does not become entrenched in the green because it can be very difficult to remove without professional assistance.

Bird and bat droppings are another key environmental phenomenon that need to be carefully observed to ensure they do not make too much of a mess on your green. These should be removed daily because without regular cleaning they tend to build up rather quickly and create a bit of an eyesore. Also, the longer you leave the droppings, the harder they will be to remove.

Food and drinks are probably being consumed on your green too, so definitely clean up any spills quickly or the birds and bats may come to pay you a very messy visit.

How To Clean A Bowling Green

Most of these messes can be avoided by performing simply bowling green maintenance. Simply sweep your bowling green with an industry standard broom and blow vacuum the green frequently. However, if stains have become deeply entrenched in the synthetic grass and resist your preliminary efforts, you can use a hot, soapy solution to clean out everything. Simply mix detergent with water and give the fake grass a good scrub with a hand brush. Try to avoid using metal brushes, though because these can pull up the blades of grass.

If mould has encroached onto your bowling green, you will probably need to apply a pressurised hose to blast away the moss. A soft hair brush will also work to peel away any mould that has remained unaffected by the initial water blast.

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