Tennis Court Maintenance: Here’s How to Do It

Let’s talk about some of the general guidelines and considerations when maintaining tennis courts and making sure we protect their appearance and integrity for the long term. Tennis court maintenance guidelines First, the goal of maintenance is to keep the area clean, pleasant-looking…


The Case For Synthetic Grass: Features and Benefits

Recent innovations in synthetic grass are helping the surface material prove as useful as its natural counterpart. Economic factors are helping build the case for the use of synthetic grass in Sydney too. With lower maintenance costs, the list of reasons to buy…


Why Acrylic Paint is Often Used on Sports Surfaces

Acrylic paint is often found on court surfaces for tennis, basketball, squash and other kinds of sports. One reason is its strength, durability and resistance, especially when it comes to enduring water, harsh sunlight and friction due to heavy use. As a result,…


Why Outdoors and Green Spaces Are Good for Our Health

Outdoors and green spaces may help boost our immune system and improve our overall health. Aside from the vitamin D and fresher air, when we go outdoors we also have a chance to see and socialise with other people. After all, isolation can…


Synthetic Grass Reviews: Appears More Realistic Than Ever

Since it was invented in the 1950s, artificial grass has come a long way. It now exhibits more realistic qualities and general appeal than ever. Grass today features several tones of green and brown and is crafted to maintain an appearance of hyper…


How Synthetic Grass Actually Helps the Environment

When we hear synthetic many of us think it’s harmful to the environment. After all, the rapid destruction of countless environmental habitats and resources can be blamed on anything that relates to synthetic chemicals and materials. How synthetic grass actually helps the environment…

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