How to Improve Safety in Sports Fields

Aside from ensuring that the athletes wear proper gear, it’s also crucial to ensure that the sports field is safe for use. Compacted soil, worn areas, weeds, and muddy areas can make the field unsafe and cause injury to athletes and students. Improving…


Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot?

Surface temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius and higher especially during hot summer days. This happens on artificial lawns but not as hot as what happens on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Artificial grass can also get hot, but not too much As with…


Is Synthetic Turf Safe for Children and Pets?

Generally, synthetic turf or artificial grass is safe for children and pets. Although there are concerns about the synthetic turf’s material (usually polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon), the concerns can be actually traced back to other causes or the issues are highly uncertain for…


Why Proper Outdoor Lighting is Important?

Whether it’s for a residential outdoor area, basketball or tennis court or a large sporting field, proper outdoor lighting is important for safety, function and aesthetics. Proper lighting also makes the area feel welcoming (especially in residential areas) and highlights the key features…


How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Synthetic turf can last from 10 to 20 years even with little maintenance. Through the years the wear and tear will affect the surface’s appearance and integrity. But before the replacement (before that 10 years), you can get the payback early on because…


What Does Artificial Grass Feel Like?

It feels like natural grass because of the advanced precision manufacturing of the grass blades. The realistic blade shapes and the pleasant underfoot texture make artificial turf difficult or even impossible to distinguish from the natural lawns. What does artificial grass feel like?…

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