Do You Need to Maintain Artificial Grass? 


Artificial grass can last from 10 to 25 years. However, its appearance might not stay the same because of lack of maintenance. After all, artificial grass is also constantly exposed to dirt, sunlight, rain and other exterior elements. 

Maintaining your artificial turf 

To maintain your synthetic turf, you should regularly remove foreign objects and debris from the surface. Aside from ruining the area’s appearance, those objects and debris might also cause accidents to people (especially children) walking or running over the grass. 

It’s good to regularly take a quick look at the surfaces to ensure there are no foreign, sharp or potentially dangerous objects lying around. It’s also good to inspect the area after a storm or strong winds. Leaves, branches and other debris might have found their way onto the artificial grass. 

What about washing? Do you need to rinse your artificial grass? You can hose down the surfaces to remove dirt and small particles. Rinsing the surfaces with water can also help make the artificial grass look greener and fresher. 

What about stains? Using a hose with water might not be enough. Oil and other stains might stick on the grass fibres and using water with mild pressure won’t be able to wash away those stains. To remove the stains, you can try using some mild household detergents. Use a diluted solution and keep the washing gentle. This way, you’ll avoid damaging the artificial grass. It also helps to try it out first on a small spot and see what happens after the cleaning (instead of pouring detergent all over as this might cause widespread damage). 

To keep the grass looking firm and fresh in high-traffic areas, it helps to brush the grass against the grain. Doing this can keep those areas from being flattened and uneven. It’s especially the case on walkways and play areas where constant contact with the shoes and feet can flatten some areas and keep it that way. 

Artificial grass can remain strong and fresh even with little maintenance. However, foreign objects can cause hazards and accidents and constant use and exposure can cause gradual damages to the grass surfaces. To prevent this or slow down the overall damage, it’s good to do some inspection (especially right before use) and maintenance for at least once a week.