Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot?


Surface temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius and higher especially during hot summer days. This happens on artificial lawns but not as hot as what happens on concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Artificial grass can also get hot, but not too much

As with natural grass, sand, soil, rock and other surfaces, synthetic turfs can also get hot where these surfaces might become unsafe for children and adults on barefoot.

But if the synthetic turf is already too hot, this also means that it’s unsafe to go and play outside. Heat exhaustion and harsh UV rays are often the more important concerns when staying and playing outdoors. In other words, the artificial turf getting too hot might be the least of your concerns if it’s too hot outside (and you won’t try to go outdoors in the first place).

By the time it’s safe already (not too hot and the sun is not at its peak), the artificial grass has also sufficiently cooled down already and is safe for contact and play. It’s still good to check if the surfaces have cooled down already before letting a child play in the area. But in most cases, if it’s a good and cool time to play, the artificial grass is also ready.

If you’re still concerned, you can wait for at least an hour first before letting a child or pet play on the synthetic turf. And if you want to keep the surfaces cool, you can have an awning installed to protect the area from the harsh sunlight. The goal is to keep the grass cool and safe for most times of the day.

What about the lawn’s aesthetics and integrity? Will sunlight and extreme temperature cause damage to the artificial grass? The answer is that synthetic grass is built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. It can last for 10 to 20 years even with minimal maintenance. Afterall, synthetic grass is expected to be installed outdoors, which is why their build and material (usually strong polymer material) should be able to endure sunlight and other harsh elements.

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