Green Outdoors or Stylish Indoors?


Which one should you prioritise? Often we pay more attention to achieving a stylish indoor in our homes, apartments and commercial buildings. For example, perhaps we consider more than a dozen kitchen designs (including about the floors, counters, cabinets) before settling on one design. In apartments and commercial buildings we try to anticipate the number of occupants per unit, the usage patterns of common areas inside the structure and how the occupants will perceive the flow and design of the units (e.g. view of the harbour or outside, orientation of sunlight throughout the day).

Green outdoors or stylish indoors

In contrast, the design of the outdoors becomes of lower priority or just an afterthought. After all, estimating and appreciating the value of what’s inside a home or structure is more straightforward than of the outdoor spaces. For instance, it’s not easy to attribute directly the increase in value of a property on the improvement of the outdoor environment.

However, more and more tenants, customers and occupants are now heavily paying attention to the immediate surroundings of apartments, businesses and buildings. These structures are looking more and more of the same both in their interiors and exteriors. What distinguishes them is how the outdoor environment looks and feels like. This outdoor environment can include not just the green spaces, but also the neighbourhood, community and nearby amenities and facilities. This is similar to how tenants and occupants will prefer places near a market or major roads and transport infrastructure.

When it comes to green spaces, they often feel friendlier and more liveable. Contrast this with dry urban areas with dull concrete and asphalt. It feels like they’re designed for robots and not for humans. For some it might even feel suffocating and people want to spend as little time as possible in those areas. As a result, more and more people now realise the importance of healthy trees (which is one reason you often have to get a permit to remove one even in your own property) and adequate green spaces.

In building and maintaining green spaces, more and more developers and property managers now choose synthetic turf because of the long-term savings while still achieving most of the benefits of going all natural. That’s because synthetic turf and green surfaces don’t require much upkeep and you save money in watering and maintenance (no need to use pesticides and fertilisers). The appearance also remains consistent and uniform which helps maintain the beauty of the outdoor environment.

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