Here’s How to Improve Playground Safety


Outdoor playtime encourages children to become physically active, take on challenges and risks, socialise with and make new friends and learn cooperation and independence. However, this outdoor playtime should always be safe and get children protected from injuries.

Improve playground safety

To ensure or improve safety in the playground area, it’s important to make injuries and accidents unlikely in the first place. For example, if playground equipment is compliant with Australian safety standards and there’s soft fall rubber surfacing, children will remain safe and parents will gain peace of mind.

Whether the play area is located in early childhood centres, schools, local government premises or sporting facilities, all the equipment and surfaces should be safe for children even when they’re running around nonstop. After all, any accident will affect the reputation of the facility, premises or people in charge.

Also, ensuring playground safety is a way of helping children with their physical and cognitive development. With guaranteed safety and prevention of injuries, children will always be free to play and have fun for hours. It’s a special time in their lives and actually essential to their rapid brain and body development.

Aside from ensuring safe playground equipment and installing soft fall rubber surfacing, another way of improving playground safety is by making sure all installations are secure and anchored. All equipment and surfaces should be inspected regularly (there could be signs of wear and tear, random and potentially hazardous objects, rough or sharp edges and surfaces).

Also, the parents’ supervision is still essential during the children’s playtime. It’s also important to be mindful of the sunlight and weather. Prolonged exposure to the sun is dangerous as well as extreme changes in temperature and humidity levels. In addition, there could be irritants or allergens in the area.

Safety first. Once this is guaranteed, it will become easier and encouraging for children to play, run and explore. Further, this helps them with their physical and cognitive development, especially in their early years where they’re rapidly building and reinforcing their foundations for the years ahead.