How Can I Save Money On My Garden


To save money on garden maintenance, consider replacing your natural lawn with a synthetic one. This way you can save on mowing, watering, fertilisers, weed spraying and other related maintenance costs. The monthly savings could total hundreds of dollars which could then earn you a payback in months or a year.

How can I save money on my garden

Aside from saving money, having a synthetic turf will also help you save time. Whether you’re doing the mowing yourself or not, you’ll still save precious time and energy because it’s one less thing to talk about.

It’s also a good way of conserving water because synthetic turfs don’t require constant irrigation. Although you can still conserve water in natural lawns through the use of drip irrigation, soil moisture sensors and good practices (e.g. watering early or late in the day to reduce evaporation and waste), it might still be a better option to remove the irrigation requirement in the first place.

If you still choose to have a natural lawn, there are several useful pieces of advice found in Australia’s Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes. Some tips include choosing Australian native plants that don’t require much water, using garden beds to improve water retention, using alternative water sources such as rainwater, mulching for greater water efficiency and reducing the lawn area (the lawn consumes up to 90% of the garden’s water use).

On the other hand, if you’re considering having a synthetic turf instead, you’ll avoid using much water in the first place. The irrigation equipment will have to be removed though and that underlying utilities might be relocated. Also, other site preparations such as clearing the area and laying the base floor would add to the upfront cost.

The huge benefit is that there will be zero or minimal maintenance for the lawn. You still have to worry about the trees, shrubs and other plants in your garden (they will still need pruning, watering, fertilising and other forms of maintenance). But with an artificial lawn, you would have fewer things to think about. Also, you’ll realise significant cost savings in the long run while your lawn always looks green and fresh throughout the year.