How Can You Improve Your Outdoor Space 


Whether it’s a fresh start for the year or you suddenly realised that your outdoor area now needs some enhancement, it’s always good to explore some of the ideas to improve your outdoor space. Some ideas are: 

  • Structural additions (verandahs, decks and pergolas) 
  • More vegetables or plants (especially the low-maintenance and drought-tolerant ones) 
  • Composting area 
  • Outdoor gathering area (e.g. kitchen, lounge, dining area) 
  • Paving (e.g. surface for the carport, pergola or outdoor gathering area) 
  • More green space (e.g. natural or synthetic turf) for play, exercise and other activities 

The goal is often to make that idle outdoor space more functional and more beautiful. This way, the families and homeowners can get more value out of the available space they already have. It’s also a practical way to enhance the overall appeal of a home. 

Improving your outdoor space 

Before deciding on which outdoor improvement to make, it’s good to get an idea about the costs: 

  • Deck ($200 to $1,000 per square metre) 
  • Paving ($80 to $120 per square metre) 
  • Artificial grass ($50 to $300 per square metre, depends on grass quality and complexity of installation) 
  • Outdoor kitchen ($3,500 to $7,500 total) 

Those are just rough estimates because of the cost variation in material prices and labour costs. Also, the cost depends on your exact requirements and whether you want the outdoor improvement to be a highlight of your property. 

Aside from considering the costs, it’s also good to think about the most possible frequent usage of the outdoor area. For example, if you want the outdoor area mainly as a place for gathering, it’s practical to add a structure with a roof on the area. On the other hand, if you want the outdoor area to be mostly empty space with flexible and multipurpose use, just adding some paving or artificial grass will be enough for your requirements. 

In the near future, you can add more features to your outdoor area as your requirements and lifestyle change. You can still also replace or retrofit the existing structure or installation area later on. For now, it helps to focus on your current and near-term requirements so that you can find immediate use to your improved outdoor space.