How Do Outdoor Spaces Make or Break Property Values


Perhaps in the past we only focused on the property’s proximity to commercial centres and the future development in the area. We also paid attention to the property’s function as well as the aesthetics of the interior of the home or building itself. But lately, we’ve learned that we have to look at the entire environment including the property’s outdoor spaces. It’s like we’re now looking at the entire package (including the box and how all the pieces fit together) instead of looking at the individual products and pieces.

How outdoor spaces make or break property values

How do we set a property’s value in the first place? It actually goes beyond function and perhaps it’s more about perception. For instance, if there’s a high crime rate in the area and the roads and nearby structures are already damaged or ruined, most people will perceive the area as abandoned and dangerous (and the low property values will reflect that).

On the other hand, if the area is peaceful (plus, there’s a nice view of the hills, forests and mountains), people will value the place more (and hence place a high value on the properties there). Notice here that the site’s environment also influences the property values, not just how beautiful the structure is and how near it is to commercial and leisure centres.

It’s also the same to the outdoor spaces of properties including the landscape and play area. The vast green spaces for play, tennis, basketball and jogging is not a waste of space. Perhaps before, we thought that we should instead use that space on building additional rooms and structures. Thankfully, we’ve learned how to appreciate the value of outdoor spaces when it comes to property values and ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of the tenants and end users.

So before planning to add another structure or extension to that idle space and land, consider first developing it into a pleasurable outdoor area. Again, it’s not just a waste of space but actually an essential feature of the entire site. A vast green space for play and leisure can instantly raise both the value and functionality of the area.

Here at Grass Rubber Play, we can develop that outdoor area into a vast green space, which will be safe, cost-effective and low-maintenance. We can install synthetic grass and rubber surfacing to make the area functional, beautiful and pleasurable, whether it’s a commercial or residential area (including childcare centres and aged care facilities). Contact us today on how to make this happen while enhancing the perceived value and beauty of the site.