How is Synthetic Turf Installed


Overall the process includes clearing the area, preparing the site, laying the base floor, installing the turf and securing it into place (and also a final inspection for uniformity, aesthetics and safety).

How is synthetic turf installed

You might spend $100 per square metre for the full artificial turf installation. This includes the labour and materials. Also, the installation might require working on the underground hazards and utilities (which might further up the cost). For example, there might be drain pipes and underground electrical lines and telecommunication cables in the area (may require relocation or some precautions while installing the turf).

During the planning and design, the professional installers will note the existing landscape and terrain, utility lines and the immediate surroundings. They will also note the slopes and how the rain will flow through the terrain. With these inspections and assessments (and after clearing), they will then start preparing the site).

Site preparation often requires excavation and soil levelling (depending on the desired depth or some restrictions). Then, the area will be filled with crushed rock base, soil and/or sand and then compacted afterwards (this is the base floor). The rolls of synthetic grass will then be cut, prepared and laid onto the base floor. Finally, the grass is made secure by seaming them together.

It’s a straightforward process similar to laying a new floor in the room or kitchen. How complex and how long it will take depends on the area’s terrain, the surface area and other additional requirements. Professionals can provide you with precise information about the duration and estimated costs of the entire installation as these details vary depending on the site and the customers’ requirements.

If you have enquiries about artificial turf installation, you can contact us today and we’ll answer your questions. You can also enquire about the turf’s durability, its material and softness and required maintenance (minimal because it doesn’t require watering and fertilizers). Here at Grass Rubber Play we service all areas in Sydney as well as the Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Newcastle.