How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?


Synthetic turf can last from 10 to 20 years even with little maintenance. Through the years the wear and tear will affect the surface’s appearance and integrity. But before the replacement (before that 10 years), you can get the payback early on because of the water, fertilizers, mowing and other maintenance costs you saved.

How long does artificial grass last?

Although synthetic turf is made with strong modern materials, they’re not exempted from the wear and tear because they still face the harsh weather and constant physical contact. Slowly and gradually, those environmental and physical forces will affect their structural integrity and overall appearance.

It’s still a worthwhile investment especially if we think about how little maintenance it requires. Through the days, months and years, we’ll save thousands of litres of water and kilograms of fertilizers. We’ll also save time because it doesn’t need mowing every weekend. Practically we can almost forget about the turf because it will still look the same no matter the season.

Even against Australia’s harsh environment and weather, quality artificial grass can still last and withstand the elements. For example, here at Grass Rubber Play we install high-quality synthetic turf that lasts through the years because it’s built to withstand our local conditions. Whether it’s for a residential, commercial or public site, the artificial grass installation will last through the years even in places with high physical usage and contact.

As mentioned before, the artificial lawn requires very little maintenance. We might just need to pick up some objects and clear up some dirt just to keep the surface looking perfect and safe (especially for children). But overall certainly you’ll almost forget about when’s the last time you cleaned the artificial lawn.

What about the difference in appearance and texture? Quality synthetic grass products look and feel real and even under close inspection it’s hard to tell the difference. With that feature plus its low maintenance requirements, artificial grass truly is a practical choice for outdoor surfaces.

If you require more information about synthetic turf, you can enquire today and we’ll give you a quote. This will immediately give you an idea if this is perfect for your property or project.