How Much Does It Cost to Lay a New Lawn?


Price per square metre can range from $30 to $300. This depends on the type of turf (the species if natural and whether you prefer artificial). Also take note of the labour costs that may include days of surface preparation (including clearing out existing vegetation and working on the uneven landscape).

How much does it cost to lay a new lawn?

From $30 to $300 per square metre, you can have a new lawn that will instantly transform your outdoor area. Aside from enhancing the outdoor’s appeal, the green surface can also become functional, such as during barbecues, dinners and gatherings. Truly it’s a worthwhile investment that will add value to your home and make the yard a functional place.

However, you want to make the best choice and ensure that there will be no regrets and rework. To ensure quality results that will please you, it’s good to make a few smart decisions from the start. For example, you might want to consider having artificial grass installed instead of the natural ones. Although the latter can be more expensive upfront, in the long run you’ll save time and money in maintenance. This also ensures an evergreen appearance all year long because synthetic grass doesn’t require regular watering, weeding, fertilization and maintenance.

Some customers still prefer the natural because it provides some oxygen and fresh air. There are hidden drawbacks though because of the water and fertilizer requirement. Water is a precious environmental resource and most of it is actually lost through dispersion and evaporation during irrigation. The fertilizers, whether natural or chemical, can also leach through the soil and some substances might accumulate in the area.

On the other hand, synthetic turf is still more expensive upfront but it doesn’t require water and fertilizer. There will be no ongoing work and maintenance to keep the surface’s appearance. You also don’t have to bother mowing the lawn every Sunday morning (when your family and neighbours prefer it to be quiet).

After weighing the benefits and having some rough ideas about your lawn, you can contact us here at Grass Rubber Play (if you decide to have an artificial turf). You can ask further questions about what it takes to have a new one and the upfront and long-term costs (we can give you a free quote so you can have a quick idea).