How Synthetic Grass Actually Helps the Environment


When we hear synthetic many of us think it’s harmful to the environment. After all, the rapid destruction of countless environmental habitats and resources can be blamed on anything that relates to synthetic chemicals and materials.

How synthetic grass actually helps the environment

However, we should know the whole story first before jumping into conclusions. For example, synthetic grass doesn’t need regular irrigation. This helps save water and money. It takes a lot of energy to extract, process and deliver the water from the source to the taps. But without the need for regular irrigation, a lot of water, energy and money gets saved (which can be put to better use such as rehabilitation of forests, aquifers and watersheds).

Aside from water savings, synthetic grass doesn’t require mowing. We will save a lot of time in the long run and we won’t need to power the mower and use fuel or energy. Countless hours will be freed up and we can use that time for work or leisure. Synthetic grass also doesn’t require fertilisers or pesticides to keep the area looking fresh and green all year round. There will be no need to use chemicals (which can run off during rainfall and floods and eventually end up in rivers, groundwater and oceans). Chemical contaminants might react with one another and yield to more dangerous pollutants (which can be harmful on both plants and animals). There are also unforeseen effects from such contaminant accumulation due to chemicals and fertilisers.

Savings and the environment

Many residential and commercial customers have already realised the benefits of having artificial grass on their assets. Aside from low maintenance costs, the overall environmental impact could be minimal and even way less than what natural grass does. With huge water, time and money savings plus being helpful to the environment, indeed it’s a practical choice to have artificial grass.

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