Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly? 


Yes, artificial grass is pet-friendly. That’s because synthetic grass is made of common materials (nylon, polypropylene) we actually touch or use every day. They’re already proven to be safe for common use, which is why artificial grass can be safe for pets and even young children. 

What artificial grass is made of 

Synthetic grass surfaces (or the “blades” of grass) are typically made from nylon or polypropylene. These are common polymer materials we actually use or touch every day. For example, polypropylene is often found in plastic packaging, carpets, rugs, mats, insulation and plastic moldings. Nylon fibres are commonly found as well in carpets, gaskets, plastic mechanical parts and even food packaging. 

Here we realise that nylon and polypropylene are common materials in many of the things we use or come into contact every day. It follows here that many products and surfaces made from those materials are fairly safe to use. We can safely assume that these won’t cause adverse reactions to pets and young children. 

Aside from safety, the blades of synthetic grass can endure constant surface contact. This means the surfaces can stay flat and uniform (which actually improves the surface safety). As a result, the artificial turf system can last long and endure regular contact and use for years to come. Even with minimal maintenance, synthetic grass can still look new and fresh after several years. 

Aside from the blades of synthetic grass commonly made of nylon or polypropylene, even the cushioning system is safe and enduring. The cushion is usually made from polyester foam, a common type of polymer found in clothes and other fabrics (e.g. for sofas, bedsheets and blankets). It’s a common material of choice because of the polyester’s long-term durability (cushion remains intact even after years of installation). 


Artificial grass is pet-friendly because it’s made from common materials such as nylon and polypropylene (found in everyday packaging and other objects). Synthetic grass also lasts long because they’re made from strong polymer materials that are already proven to endure weathering and constant physical contact.