Is Synthetic Turf Safe for Children and Pets?


Generally, synthetic turf or artificial grass is safe for children and pets. Although there are concerns about the synthetic turf’s material (usually polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon), the concerns can be actually traced back to other causes or the issues are highly uncertain for now.

Why artificial turf is safe

First, the mentioned materials (polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon) are actually common in homes, buildings, commercial premises and for everyday uses. For example, nylon is extensively used in clothing. Polypropylene is a common material in plastic packaging including plastic bottles and beverage cups. Polyethylene is also common in plastic packaging as well as in insulation wires and cables.

In other words, we’re all exposed to these polymer materials every day and yet we don’t find conclusive reports about them causing allergic or health issues. After all, everyday polymers are highly resistant to chemical reactions. In our normal environment, settings and usage, these materials are inert, which is why they last long and highly useful as packaging and material. As a result, they’re also likely to be inert to biochemical reactions.

It’s also the case when those polymer materials are used for artificial grass. The synthetic fibres are generally safe because common everyday materials were used for their manufacture. However, because the synthetic turf is exposed to outdoors and everyday elements such as dust and moisture, the surfaces and the fibres can accumulate other particles that might cause irritation or allergy. The solution to this is to keep the synthetic turf properly maintained throughout the year.

In conclusion, synthetic turf is safe for common use such as outdoor leisure and sports. However, proper maintenance is required for better safety and protection. In addition, you have to make sure that the material and mode of manufacture is safe. About this, you can ask the installer about the details for your peace of mind (e.g. you can enquire here at Grass Rubber Play).