At Night, How Does Your Outdoor Area Look Like?

Whether it’s an outdoor area for leisure, special gatherings or sporting activities, it’s still important to ensure it looks amazing day and night (even if the area is only being used during daytime). After all, the value and pleasure you get from the…


How Do Outdoor Spaces Make or Break Property Values

Perhaps in the past we only focused on the property’s proximity to commercial centres and the future development in the area. We also paid attention to the property’s function as well as the aesthetics of the interior of the home or building itself….


Synthetic Grass Solutions Are The New Property “Must-Have”

There are several reasons to improve your property by installing synthetic grass solutions: less water consumption, no mowing, no weeds and better coverage of your garden floor. These factors and more have seen synthetic grass become the next “must-have” for individuals looking to…


Applications of Rubber Surfacing

Rubber surfacing is a surprisingly flexible solution to outdoor flooring problems. Grass Rubber Play supplies and installs outdoor rubber surfacing all over Sydney. Our rubber surfacing is elastic, durable and visually appealing. We have serviced many happy clients across Sydney who have installed…


Here’s How to Improve Playground Safety

Outdoor playtime encourages children to become physically active, take on challenges and risks, socialise with and make new friends and learn cooperation and independence. However, this outdoor playtime should always be safe and get children protected from injuries. Improve playground safety To ensure…


Best Practice In Bowling Green Maintenance

If you own or work at a bowling club, you may find yourself asking “How do I perform bowling green maintenance?” The use of synthetic grass on bowling greens is increasing in popularity as more and more people begin to understand the benefits…

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