Synthetic Grass

More and more Sydney families, businesses and establishments are choosing Ideal’s synthetic grass for hassle-free, low maintenance and high quality lawns. We supply and install synthetic grass to residential and commercial clients for safety, sporting and leisure requirements. From onsite consultations and installation to advising you on the care and maintenance of your playground, sports field or backyard lawn, the friendly and knowledgeable team of GRASS RUBBER PLAY provides quality and regulatory-compliant solutions for all your surfacing needs across all of NSW.


  • Synthetic grass prevents soil erosion – probably not as much if there were plants and grass in place but more than if that was a plain, bald patch of nothing.
  • Fake grass is already a partly-recycled material – still useful, discarded material is made useful and beautiful again.
  • Pesticide and fertiliser free – synthetic grass does not require the use of fertiliser to keep it green. It is not the natural habitat of bugs and insects so no need for pesticides to keep them away. This will also result to smaller incidence of allergies and allergic reactions.
  • Hypo-allergenic – our products are non-toxic and allergy/irritation free
  • Sturdy product – our installation’s and products carry a manufacturers 7-year warranty
  • Less maintenance – With artificial grass, there is no need to mow, water, and put fertilisers and pesticides to keep grass green and pretty.
  • Dependable green grass all year round.Synthetic grass prevents serious injuries – compared with falling on hard ground, cement and the like, the use of synthetic grass lessens the chances of serious falls and lacerations.
  • Multi-faceted, can be designed as learning tools, maps, a race course, an obstacle course, etc for playground, school areas and other facilities.
  • Less incidence of lumps and holes and bald patches on the ground
  • Less incidence of lumps and holes and bald patches on the ground
  • Conserves water – No need to water daily. Suggested watering on extra hot day to cool the grass a little.
  • No muddy fields and muddy lawns which means less tracks on your pristine floors.
  • Handles better foot traffic equating to more playing time, less overall worries.
  • Always presentable – less time to worry about unsightly bald patches
  • No mowing means less petrol to use – saves money and the environment.