Recreational Surfacing

For sporting arenas: tennis courts, basketball courts, squash courts and more, acrylic paint is the best way to deliver a bright, attractive outdoor playing field that complies with sporting regulation. There are functional benefits to acrylic painted courts too. These benefits make it easier for players to continue their games for a longer time and to play to the best of their abilities.

Acrylic paint is painted over your asphalt or concrete playing court in three layers. This reinforces the strength and durability of the paint and ensures a long life with little maintenance required. Acrylic resins, reinforcing powders and pigments are all applied on your playing court to ensure high quality, long-lasting paint that delivers a wonderful aesthetic and superior game.

Acrylic paint on sports surfaces decreases the surface temperature by 15%, making it possible to play on days where the weather is melting the asphalt on any other playing surface. Acrylic paint also reduces the majority of the sun’s glare, so your eyes won’t get damaged playing in your free time. Our aesthetically-pleasing paint contains high-friction particles which improve the quality of your game as well as the bounce of any balls on your playing court.

The benefits of acrylic painted courts are manifold. The durability of your court will increase alongside a new paint job, it will resist water and sun damage as well as cracks in the surface of your concrete or asphalt. Scuff marks are a thing of the past as is chalking following long exposure to shoes and sporting equipment.

Finally, acrylic painted courts are very low-maintenance. Cleaning an acrylic-painted court is as simple as removing debris hosing it down. Drainage is important on any court to reduce the growth of algae, but in unavoidable instances of mould growth a chlorine/water solution will fix your problem and won’t damage your court. Enjoy games of tennis or basketball on your property year after year following an acrylic paint job on your sporting court.