Lighting & Fencing design & installation

For your next outdoor project, consider how your outdoor area will function during the evenings and after the sun has set. This consideration is especially important during winter when the sun sets at an earlier time and you’re not done socialising in your outdoor area. If you’re installing a tennis or basketball court on your property, you assuredly need to think about how the court will be lit after hours and how you will secure the area from potentially-unwanted guests.

We design, install and maintain lighting and fencing of a premium quality at an affordable rate. Call GRASS RUBBER PLAY and ask about our lighting and fencing design and installation. We offer a great customer experience all the way from concept design to construction and servicing and guarantee a job done better than any other builder.

We have a range of halogen and LED globes available for outdoor lighting. We will recommend products based on your functional requirements as well as design ideas, and aim to save you money on your electricity bill by using environmentally-friendly bulbs and timers. We ensure your outdoor area or sporting court can be totally lit by our lighting rig, ensuring safety after dark and a fully-illuminated evening experience for all.

Our fencing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but is guaranteed to last and offer serious protection for your outdoor area or sporting court. Durable design ensures you won’t need to contact a fencing specialist any time soon following installation, and offers premium protection against unwanted guests: both human and otherwise. It also ensures that you won’t need to spend too long chasing lost balls as they’ll be contained within your sporting court by fencing.

All of our lighting and fencing equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, offering you peace of mind and ensuring you won’t be out of pocket from maintenance and servicing expenses. We only work with the highest-quality materials and all our team are fully licensed, ensuring compliance, safety and a job well-done. Call GRASS RUBBER PLAY today to ask about outdoor lighting in Sydney and our fencing design and installation for your outdoor recreation area or sporting court.