Playground equipment installation

With years of experience designing, building and installing playground equipment, GRASS RUBBER PLAY is the go-to guy for new public play equipment in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. We offer a range of fun, safe and colourful play equipment at a high quality and professional safety standard.

We will use our computer-assisted drawing (CAD) software to prepare the design for your next public playground installation. Following your approval of our design, we will begin sourcing a range of climbing equipment, slides, seesaws, swings, whirlybirds and more for your playground. We use bright, attractive colours to coat the structural components of your outdoor play equipment which makes the installation appealing to children of all ages as they climb and clamber, swing and slide throughout their new local playground.

All equipment sourced by GRASS RUBBER PLAY is compliant with Australian safety standards, and can be augmented by soft-fall rubber flooring to ensure safety is paramount for children playing on equipment. We don’t install any equipment that may produce unnecessary risk of falling, tripping or anything else.

We use safe materials that have been tested for safety compliance and that have passed each test with flying colours. Equipment won’t overheat in summer and won’t absorb water which can carry bacteria and other disease. Equipment isn’t too tall for children and any above-ground areas are secured with OH&S-compliant railings or balustrades. You can rest assured that when your children play on playground equipment installed by GRASS RUBBER PLAY they will always enjoy the highest degree of safety possible. We provide peace of mind to parents watching their kids play on the equipment and a super-fun, enjoyable outdoor arena for children of all ages to play in!

If you’re responsible for sourcing the new play equipment for a local park or playground and want to source from the experts, call GRASS RUBBER PLAY today for a custom quote and conversation about your needs, preferred design and expected roll-out period. We’re the best in the market and will do a great job every time, giving you peace of mind and assurance that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.