Soft Fall Rubber Surfacing

All rubber surfacing we provide is specified according to the play equipment height, your specific aesthetics requirements and budget. ​We can supply and install specialty playground soft surface for use in the following sectors:

  • Early Childhood Centres
  • Schools
  • Local Government
  • Sporting Facilities

Most playground injuries are caused by falls. It doesn’t matter if injuries result from unsafe playground equipment or the natural exuberance of children.

Soft fall rubber installations are always to able to help in an impact absorbing capacity. That’s why many playgrounds increasingly use pour in place rubber surfacing (Australia made). Doing so prevents small accidents from becoming big ones.

Old age facilities are another area where soft fall rubber surfaces can be of life-saving value. Because of their advanced age, old people tend to have poorer eyesight and cannot see obstructions in their path. Even if they see them, it can be too late to prevent injuries.

The reflexes of the elderly are not as sharp and reaction times have increased. This can cause them to stumble and fall which can lead to injury, even death. Indeed it’s often falls which precede steep declines in health in people who are most frail.

Wet-poured rubber at soft fall installation can incorporate bright colours in play areas which champion the facility’s brand colours. They can also be a learning tool like the map of Australia we recently produced. Perhaps a chess board to encourage intellectual pursuits. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

As well as outdoor playgrounds, soft fall synthetic surfacing can be used at pool surrounds to provide a safe, non-slip environment for kids to play at. We can pour loose fill rubber sediment at your site, just contact us with the details of your project.

When kids are chasing each other around the pool, accidents are prone to happen due to slippery surfaces. By using rubber surfacing at your aquatic leisure centre you prevent injury and ensure everybody stays as safe as possible as they play by the water.

CSBR Premium Pre-coloured Recycled Rubber Surfacing is a high quality, hardwearing recycled rubber. It is a cost effective option with a wide range of applications.

Unlike some products on the market, our range of precoloured rubber is coated using a special blend of paints. This ensures a brilliant, long lasting and UV stable surface. The coloured rubber is carefully mixed on site and poured to create a consistent brightly coloured and seamless soft-fall surface.

EPDM Premium Rubber Surfacing is an imported granulated non recycled rubber surfacing. Unlike CSBR the colour is through the entire granule. It is generally used when a fun, vibrant finish is required. Available in a variety of  coloured finishes, the rubber provides a seamless soft-fall surface and improves playground safety.

Base Rubber provides the cushioning underneath playground equipment which is required to meet Australian Critical Fall Heights. Also known as the attenuation layer, it is made from recycled tyres and other rubber products. It is layed seamlessly using a wetpour system and usually covered with coloured rubber or synthetic grass.

Contact GRASS RUBBER PLAY on 1300 211 461 to discuss your rubber flooring needs. Rubber playground surface cost will vary depending on the size of the installation. All of our solutions meet Australian standards for rubber playground surfaces. We also manufacture, supply and install all synthetic turf.