Sports Equipment

For local councils looking to develop local sporting facilities in public spaces, we offer installation of all sporting equipment found in the usual public sporting arenas. We install footy posts, basketball goal installation, soccer goals and tennis nets for you, taking the hassle out of dragging heavy items across a field ten minutes before kick-off each week.

We have available industry-standard sports equipment, giving you the assurance that your local sporting equipment is of a high quality and will last. Durable posts, goals, nets and more are provided by GRASS RUBBER PLAY and offer a premium sporting experience enhanced by professional-grade equipment. Gone are the days of using witch’s hats or old clothing for goalposts. Your team can say hello to a premium sporting experience every weekend.

All of our sporting equipment is optimised for the Australian climate, and include UV-protective paint that resists the sun’s rays and offers long-lasting aesthetic value. None of our equipment will get unbearably hot in the Australian summer and will resist water to a high degree. Mud and other natural debris will be easily removed following the purchase and use of GRASS RUBBER PLAY’s sports equipment cleaning products.

Give us a call today to discuss the purchase and installation of new sporting equipment at your private property or local sports field. We’ll be able to offer a competitive rate for design and installation of your new sporting equipment and guide you through the process of choosing the right equipment for your needs. We’ll also provide instruction on how to maintain your equipment following regular use by you and your family or the local community.