Sports field maintenance

Some basic practices must be made on a routine basis to protect your investment including:

  1. Measuring field hardness periodically to ensure the level of hardness at least once a year.
  2. Sweeping and dragging to keep the carpet fibres in an upright position. Once a week or once a month depending on use.
  3. Loosening and redistributing of infill (to improve footing, reduce static electricity and improve the look of the field).  Groom fields before each game.
  4. Checking and replenishing the infill level especially in high use areas. The infill creates the padding and shock-absorption for the synthetic turf system and restores the field’s resiliency. At least once a year. It takes about 20 tons of crumb rubber to provide ¼ inch layer.
  5. Using a vacuum or leaf blower to remove debris
  6. Cleaning with special solvents and cleansers with difficult to remove items.
  7. Treating with anti-microbial products to remove bacterial growth.
  8. Troubleshooting for common problems and minor repairs, such as seam repair.
  9. Removing snow during winter months.