Synthetic Grass Increases Your Home Market Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home, synthetic grass can increase the marketability and improve your home market value. Switching to synthetic can help put money in your pocket if you decide to sell your home someday. It will put your home ahead of others on the market by selling it faster and at a better price.

Artificial turf can increase your property value. Here are few basic reasons why synthetic grass can help your home’s resale value in several ways.

Increase Resale Value
Quality landscaping is the best way to improve your home’s resale value or sales price. In fact, on study showed that landscaping can boost a home by nearly 13%. This increase to home value should be what you must go after.

Synthetic grass not only add direct value to your home, but add curb appeal that makes it sell faster. GRASS RUBBER PLAY can provide you with everything you need to make your lawn pleasing and more marketable.

Enhances Curb Appeal
When two houses look the same in all aspects, the one with more aesthetic appeal will sell faster. Realtors admit that artificial grass makes your property more marketable because it enhances the curb appeal. Aesthetic appeal is the primary factor in getting potential buyers to look at your property.

Major advantage of artificial grass in reselling a house is the beauty it adds to the property. A beautiful lawn boosts the appeal of the property. Green lawn looks more welcoming compared with paving or open ground. If you want your property to have more aesthetic appeal either maintain your lawn or invest in synthetic grass.

Artificial grass is a low maintenance lawn system that enhances any property. When remodelling your property try synthetic grass to add beauty outside your house.

Synthetic Turf Saves Money
Once you install artificial grass, you will no longer need to mow, weed, buy chemicals, or hire lawn maintenance companies. You also save on the water bill to keep your lawn watered. Homeowners generally save 55 gallons of water for every square foot of artificial grass. These will save you money over the life of your synthetic turf, and its an added bonus when you decide to sell your property.

New homeowners with demanding jobs will likely pay more for a property that is low maintenance. Especially those who do not want to buy lawn care products or spend additional money to maintain the lawn when they own the property. The saving from lawn maintenance cost may be enough to convince prospective buyers to consider your property.

Lower Investment Cost
If you thing buying grass seeds and planting your own lawn is cheaper, think again. You must add to the cost all the fertiliser, pesticide, irrigation system and water and you will find that it will cost more in the end. Synthetic grass is more affordable than natural grass and it gives your property an increase in value when you decide to sell.

Artificial grass gives you the ability to save money and time on maintenance. It also blends well with any property and can be custom landscaped to fit your garden or lawn area.

Synthetic Grass is Ecological
A prospective buyer who is environmentally conscious will be sold to the idea that synthetic grass is ecological. It helps the environment by conserving water and getting rid of harmful chemicals. Installing artificial turf saves water. In fact, many local governments are gives incentive to those who use synthetic grass because it conserves water.

The most significant way artificial grass helps the environment is by eliminating the use of lawn chemicals. These harmful chemicals seep into the soil and find its way underground and into the public water system. The runoff of these chemical is a major cause of water pollution. The presence of these chemicals in the public water have been linked to many health problems among children.

There are many good reasons to consider synthetic grass for your home. If you want to keep your yard for decades or want to sell it, installing artificial turf will help you enjoy your yard now and make it more attractive to prospective buyers later. Having an artificial grass is a quick way to increase your property value, it is a solid investment choice. Check out our synthetic grass ranges, the sooner you replace your natural grass with artificial turf, the sooner you reap the rewards.