Synthetic Grass Reviews: Appears More Realistic Than Ever


Since it was invented in the 1950s, artificial grass has come a long way. It now exhibits more realistic qualities and general appeal than ever. Grass today features several tones of green and brown and is crafted to maintain an appearance of hyper realism. 

Synthetic lawn reviews from the 1970s denoted that artificial grass products had the appearance of a green carpet. In contrast, artificial grass now includes individual fibres that have each been threaded into an underlying rubber mat.

Back in the 1950s, The Ford Foundation was looking for a solution to provide an artificial grass solution. This was done with the intention of encouraging more physical fitness at major schools. Together with Chemstrand and Monsanto Industries, they were able to develop a nylon-based “Chemgrass.”

Essentially, the first generation of synthetic grass was nylon carpeting that was coloured green. First generation artificial grass did not look like natural grass in the slightest. It simply provided a carpet-like covering that added texture to sports fields. Regardless, it was useful at locations where natural grass could not easily be grown or maintained.

In the 1970s, experiments with polypropylene determined whether the plastic material could be used for artificial grass fields. Eventually, the first polypropylene synthetic lawns started to appear in the late-1970s and early-1980s. They had a much more realistic appearance which saw the materials being used in several major sporting fields.

As we moved into the 1990s, another plastic called polyethylene was being trialled. This material was thought to be a viable and more realistic artificial grass solution. It’s realism offered many new options for installation which has seen artificial grass becoming increasingly popular in homes and at businesses.

This realism offers several benefits to home and commercial owners when they’re decorating their properties. From a distance, artificial turf looks real and up close it maintains its realistic look. It adds a magnificent green façade to any property. 

Having fake grass (or indeed any greenery) around the property helps to keep the mind relaxed and occupants content. Artificial grass saves on water, cleaning and maintenance costs and is usually more affordable to keep for a longer time.

Homeowners switch from real lawns to astroturf for the aesthetic qualities. Home owners appreciate the look and feel of synthetic grass. They appreciate to an increasing degree the benefits of not having to water nor mow the grass lawn at all. 

Indeed, artificial grass lasts longer, and can sustain more wear and tear from kids and pets than natural grass can. These qualities make it particularly attractive to homeowners with children or animals regularly underfoot.

The popularity of synthetic turf has risen since it was invented. This popularity has been compounded by environmental factors too. Droughts have led to Government incentives to purchase astroturf. Drought stricken communities turn to the solution as a logical way to save on water. 

At Grass Rubber Play, we frequently get calls from customers who installed astroturf a decade ago. After seeing the most recent products on the market they now want to upgrade to a more modern product. Fake grass was only really used in sports fields when it was conceived of. 

There have been many developments in its style, features and appearance. Homeowners and business owners who purchased fake grass a decade ago now want to switch to a modern alternative. They want to do this in order to sustain the visual appeal of their home or shop.

Replacing older fake grass with new artificial lawns may seem costly at first appearances. Indeed, it is more expensive than real grass at the first point of installation. However, savings on water usage and lawnmowing are abundant when you invest in fake grass. Overall, an investment in artificial grass tends to pay off a lot quicker than most people consider.

Yet another benefit of artificial grass installation is the variety available in the colour and tone of the grass fibres. With many stylish options available, homeowners can complement the backyard and front yard façade of their house. An appropriate tone can be selected along with your installer that enhances the overall look of their property.

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