Synthetic Grass Solutions Are The New Property “Must-Have”


There are several reasons to improve your property by installing synthetic grass solutions: less water consumption, no mowing, no weeds and better coverage of your garden floor. These factors and more have seen synthetic grass become the next “must-have” for individuals looking to enhance their home with a unique outdoor feature. In Australia, a recent spike in the take-up of fake grass has been experienced in backyards everywhere.

In the year 2019-2020, a 20% spike in sales has been experienced by some of Australia’s leading synthetic grass solutions manufacturers. The reason for this is the extremely appealing allure afforded by fake turf. Home owners want to receive complements on their garden as well as the façade and interior of their house, and they are evidently finding that fake grass is the best way to receive such accolades.

Fake grass is softer than real grass, it looks fantastic, is durable and UV-stabilised. These factors all come together to manifest a sensory experience that is over and above what can be experienced when engaging with real grass. Real grass tends to fade in summer months when exposed to high levels of sunlight. It can also become trampled and damaged when too many people walk on top of it in close proximity to each other. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, never loses its lustre and is manufactured with a high level of quality assurance, meaning it will not break if it is trodden on repeatedly.

Younger generations in particular are considering fake grass more frequently than their older counterparts. The time-poor generation are not interested in looking after their lawn, particularly when renting, so are often inclined to invest in fake grass which looks great and requires nearly no maintenance.  A real garden takes almost a quarter of a household’s total water consumption to maintain, installing artificial grass removes the need to pay expensive water bills.

Another factor contributing to the benefits of synthetic grass solutions is the cost benefits over time. While synthetic lawn may cost nearly three times as much as natural grass to install, the savings on water and maintenance will undoubtedly subsidise most home owners given enough time.

Synthetic lawns are pet-friendly too, meaning if the dog or cat goes to the bathroom on your lawn, all that’s required to clean it up is a quick hose down.

If these benefits have not convinced you of the benefits of fake grass, please contact Grass Rubber Play today to have a chat about how synthetic grass can benefit you at your home. Grass Rubber Play supplies and installs synthetic grass all over Sydney. Please call us from Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm on 1300 211 461 to talk to us further about how we can enhance your property with synthetic grass today.