Synthetic Turf Maintenance: Caring For Your Sports Field


Despite COVID-19 restrictions on sporting events and mass gatherings, sporting fixtures have started to open up again for play. The NRL season has recommenced, tennis is happening and spring is just around the corner. This means indoor soccer and cricket fields will soon be open for business.

Preparing your synthetic lawn for the season is a good way to keep your sports turf in good condition for longer. By performing a few necessary tasks, you contribute to the lifespan of your synthetic turf. You also ensure the players get a fair go and can play without fear of injury.

Synthetic grass lawns are becoming increasingly similar to real grass in their texture and appearance. Tall grass-like fibres are sustained by a matrix of sand, rubber and other organic materials. These are all connected to top level soil during turf installation. This system needs maintenance to remain uniform because of the shocks, friction and ball movement that occur during sports matches.

Upkeep of your artificial lawn field begins with a thorough brush down using a broom or rake with deep stiff bristles. Doing so keeps the fibres positioned evenly and removes dust and other trapped particles between the fibres and supporting matrix. Sand and other heavier particles can be removed by using a leaf blower or vacuum. Rinse the area and, following this, use special disinfectant to remove more ingrained dirt and stains left over from sport matches.

Infill may need to be replaced depending on the impact it has sustained during the last season. This is particularly needed in high traffic areas. The shock absorbing capability of the synthetic turf system must be sustained for the players. It’s recommended that this be changed at least once per year.

GRASS RUBBER PLAY offers sports field maintenance as one of our many services. We have access to the high quality tools needed by sports field owners. We help to keep your artificial grass clean and free from sand and other particles.

Upon cursory inspection, we understand the level of care needed to tend to your grass effectively. We then respond as necessary using our experience to clean your sports field professionally.

Damage from games, animals, vegetation growth or other sources is common on sports fields. Sometimes, it may appear although only minor grooming is required. However, it’s recommended that you undertake a complete and thorough clean of your artificial grass at least once a year. This ensures things are kept fresh for the people using your field.

Before you just open the gate to the field and let the players play, be responsible and go through this checklist:

  • Inspect your field for debris and foreign objects
  • Inspect your field for animal droppings
  • Inspect your field for vandalism of any kind
  • Determine that infill depths are deep enough
  • Rinse your field to remove any harmful bacteria or viruses
  • Confirm that the surface is safe for your athletes

If your answer to any of these questions is “no”, go back through the list and perform the routine checks. This will ensure your field is kept in premium condition and that it’s safe to play on. Leaving damage unattended can result in injury to players which could see you liable for damages. By maintaining your sports field regularly, you protect yourself and those using the facilities.

Contact GRASS RUBBER PLAY today to discuss care and maintenance of your sporting fixture that contains artificial turf. We will be sure to call out to your site quickly and perform an inspection of your field. Following inspection, we will perform the necessary maintenance.

GRASS RUBBER PLAY will ensure your sports field is kept at a high level of quality all season. Call us on 1300 211 461 during business hours to discuss what we can do for you. We will happily help you with your artificial grass maintenance to prepare your field for the opening match of the season.