Tennis Court Maintenance: Here’s How to Do It


Let’s talk about some of the general guidelines and considerations when maintaining tennis courts and making sure we protect their appearance and integrity for the long term.

Tennis court maintenance guidelines

First, the goal of maintenance is to keep the area clean, pleasant-looking and safe. To accomplish that, we have to watch out for the accumulation of dirt, debris, snow, water and bacteria. The accumulation of those things and elements can gradually affect the surface safety and integrity of the tennis court. For example, the accumulated snow and dirt can instantly affect the surface’s appearance and even endanger the players and other users of the court as well. Bacterial build-up might cause health and sanitary problems especially if the tennis court is in a shaded and poorly ventilated area.

Even on facilities with synthetic grass or acrylic coating, it’s still important to perform an inspection and maintenance at least once a month. Although those types of materials and surfaces are relatively inert and tough, visible damages can still happen through the weeks and months. Field hardness might also be affected which is why it’s important to measure it at least once a year (field hardness can affect gameplay as well as player safety).

When it comes to damages (sooner or later this will happen no matter how regular the maintenance is done), the repair should be prompt and that the court is temporarily shut off from guests. Even a single imperfection in the field can cause a serious accident, which is why it’s also recommended to inspect the field before allowing people to use it. It’s especially the case in high-use areas where the infills and surfaces might have become uneven or rough. It’s recommended to groom the fields and inspect the site for any imperfections and random objects and debris. This is one way to ensure the safety in the field.

For more information about maintenance on tennis courts and other sports fields with synthetic grass, you can contact us here and we can discuss how to make the area safe and looking clean.