The Case For Synthetic Grass: Features and Benefits


Recent innovations in synthetic grass are helping the surface material prove as useful as its natural counterpart. Economic factors are helping build the case for the use of synthetic grass in Sydney too. With lower maintenance costs, the list of reasons to buy synthetic grass is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.

Summer droughts, health and wellness in the built environment, space utilisation and accessibility requirements are just a few factors that help sway potential buyers into deciding to purchase fake grass. Similarly, the elements of value of natural grass are being replicated in the artificial variant to great effect. A fresh smell, atmospheric cooling, carbon monoxide removal, water absorption and reduced noise levels that may be available when implementing fake grass also help people to make the decision to buy the product.

With Summer drought comes water restrictions, and synthetic grass performs in leaps and bounds above natural grass when it comes to water consumption. Namely, artificial grass does not require any watering. This saves you money and reduces your environmental impact.

Allergies that result from dust, pollen and other micro particles found in natural lawns can be reduced by employing artificial lawn. Using fake turf as a replacement to real grass can provide health benefits to you and your family, especially if you or your family are hyper allergenic or sensitive to organic matter.

Synthetic turf is a great alternative when you want to include natural features in buildings that are often shaded from the sun. Similarly, if there is no room for real grass roots to grow in a particular location, synthetic lawn is a fantastic alternative because it does not need a root system to stay fresh and green.

Natural grass can be a hazard to the disabled, particularly those in wheelchairs. Artificial turf products drain naturally. It therefore does not inhibit people with restricted access requirements from making use of the available space. With fake grass installed at your property, you ensure accessibility is as high as it can be. By install synthetic grass, you are catering to demographics that would not otherwise be able to access your outdoor areas.

The value that real grass brings to a property is being replicated to an increasing extent in top quality artificial grass variants. Artificial grass provides a fresh, natural smell because it is made from recycled organic materials. Water absorption is possible to a large extent when using fake grass. Water will simply run off the installation into gutters or drains, rather than soak through the soil creating mud. Similarly, footfall on either real or fake grass is much quieter than on wooden floorboards or concrete flooring.

Artificial grass may not absorb carbon dioxide and may not cool the atmosphere; however its benefits are evident to all who invest time and money installing the product at their property. Sporting surfaces and golf courses too can benefit from many of the product features described in detail above.

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