What are Some Safe Materials to Use for a Playground?


Outdoor playtime is valuable to children’s physical, social and creative development. In playgrounds, children become physically active and they get to take risks. They also get to meet and socialise with other children as well as learn how to be independent, imaginative and creative. 

Keeping children safe in playgrounds 

However, there are dangers and hazards in playgrounds. Falls, trips and slips may happen and cause fractures, bruises and other physical injuries to children. It’s especially the case when the surfaces don’t absorb impact or there are sharp objects and edges in the playground. 

To prevent most of the accidents and minimise the risks, it’s essential to make the floor and landing surfaces impact-absorbing. In other words, the surfaces should have some cushion to reduce the impact and lower the risk of injury. This can be accomplished by properly installing rubber surfaces that absorb some of the impact (proper installation is important because protruding mats or edges can cause falls and trips). In addition, loose fill materials such as bark and sand are also added to further attenuate the impact. 

Aside from relatively soft surfaces, it’s also essential that play equipment have no sharp edges and protruding parts that might get into contact with the children’s skin or clothing. It’s also essential that all the play equipment are securely anchored and attached. These should adequately support the weight and constant movement of the children. 

When it comes to materials, most rubber and artificial grass surfaces are proven safe and don’t cause allergies. They also tend to stay intact and sturdy even after regular contact and use. As a result, these surfaces stay safe as long as regular inspection and maintenance are being performed. 

Outdoor playtime benefits children in terms of their physical, social and cognitive development. But to ensure safety and allow children to have more fun, all the materials should be safe for use and that all the flooring and equipment are installed properly and securely. 

Here at Grass Rubber Play, we help ensure playground safety by installing soft fall rubber surfacing and appropriate play equipment. We have experience in installing these in schools, early childhood centres, sporting facilities and other areas. Contact us today if you require assistance in ensuring playground safety.