What Benefits Do Green Spaces Have?


Green spaces are refreshing because they provide a nice contrast from the concrete and asphalt surfaces of urban areas. Also, green spaces are linked to better mental health. These green areas may also help improve our physical health through exercise and recreation. 

The benefits of an almost empty space 

In urban areas, we’re used to the crowds and rush. We always see something moving and the floor surfaces are all concrete or asphalt. It’s a similar case inside our homes where every square metre is occupied by something and that we’re seeing too many objects. 

Literally if we need some break and a breath of fresh air, we go outside and try to look afar. A quick look at the sky, the sea or a vast green field can immediately help us relax. There’s just something refreshing with an almost empty space or a vast surface with nothing much to see. It’s like sometimes we just need to see and feel the emptiness because we’re always full and occupied. 

Also, it’s like we’ve evolved to live close to nature. For most of humanity’s existence, we’ve lived in or near forests, rivers, seas and grasslands. Back then humans had to reside near food sources. They felt safe in those areas because sustenance was likely available. 

Today, we might also be feeling that safety and assurance whenever we get close to nature or just stare at green spaces and parks. With that safety and assurance, we realise that we can always get by and solve the challenges ahead. 

Thankfully, in Sydney and other areas, we see several parks, reserves and other green spaces. In the past, present and future urban development, planners will always include green areas in the design of a community. They know that green spaces provide immense benefits to people in urban areas. Also, a bit of greenery makes a community look more liveable and human-centric. 

Residential and commercial developers also include some green spaces in their designs and plans. Whether it’s natural or synthetic grass, those developers have realised that green spaces enhance the value and appeal of a property. Also, those spaces provide added function because they can be used for play, exercise and recreation. 

For instance, here at Grass Rubber Play we’ve installed recreational surfacing and synthetic grass in several residential and commercial developments. Our completed projects have allowed residents and other building occupants to take a break every now and then. In addition, the synthetic grass surfaces and playgrounds we’ve installed have enhanced the value, appeal and function of residential and commercial spaces.