What Do People Look For in Outdoor Spaces?


It’s about clarity and contrast. Many people want to look at something clear and far-reaching once in a while. After all, when we want to experience clarity, it really helps to look at something that’s empty and clear. Clear spaces also provide a contrasting image and experience against what we’re used to in our homes and workplaces. The clutter is absent and naturally our minds get clear and feel relaxed.

What do people look for in outdoor spaces

It’s about taking a break from life’s modern pressures and responsibilities. Whether we’re looking at a sports field, park or playground, they help provide clarity and contrast to our everyday lives.

In addition to that clarity and contrast, clear spaces also provide a feeling of safety. There are no threats hiding or lurking around, which is why we can relax for a while when we see the horizon. There will be no surprises and we immediately feel at ease. On the other hand, homes and workplaces are often cluttered and somehow we feel that anytime a new problem will pop up.

Huge or significant outdoor spaces provide temporary relief from our suffocating environments. For children, this provides them with opportunities to run around and feel free. In safe playgrounds children are free to bring out their energy in contrast to inside our homes when there’s a lot of clutter and potential danger. In safe playgrounds, we feel at ease and some delight because our children can finally unleash their energy.

In safe outdoor spaces, people are able to focus on being calm or being playful (such as in competitive and fun sports) instead of worrying about safety. This feeling of safety is crucial before we can experience the feeling of connection and enjoyment. Safe outdoor spaces (for example, with soft flooring and non-allergenic surfaces) can provide some of that safety and allow people to focus on calmness or playfulness.

Here at GRASS RUBBER PLAY we make such things possible through the installation of synthetic turf and rubber soft-fall systems. These are designed and tested for the harsh Australian environment, which is why they always remain safe and last long even with heavy frequent use. The surfaces we’ve installed have already helped people feel calm or just take a break from the pressures and uncertainties.