What Does Artificial Grass Feel Like?


It feels like natural grass because of the advanced precision manufacturing of the grass blades. The realistic blade shapes and the pleasant underfoot texture make artificial turf difficult or even impossible to distinguish from the natural lawns.

What does artificial grass feel like?

Because of the individual fibres designed and manufactured through the advances in materials science and engineering, artificial lawns look and feel realistic already. They already successfully imitate the natural feel of grass we were used to as children. Because of its close resemblance to reality, most people might not even notice they’re seeing or touching fake grass unless you pointed it out to them.

With that realistic look and feel, artificial turf has even become a more popular and practical choice. Add to that the low maintenance requirements for the synthetic grass. There’s no need to constantly water and mow the lawn. You also spare yourself and the environment from chemical pesticides and other substances. Another benefit is the synthetic grass stays green no matter the weather and season.

In addition, many other people have also noticed that it could be a cleaner option because the surface doesn’t accumulate and track in dirt and mud. Your shoes will stay clean because they won’t get the dirt from the grass. Also, even with repeated walking or running on the synthetic grass, they won’t get much visible damage. They stay intact and aesthetic because their material can better endure the wear and tear.

What about the costs?

Upfront you might spend $30 to $300 per square metre for the installation of artificial grass. It easily adds up to thousands of dollars if you have a large lawn. Thankfully, you’ll still save money and precious time in the long run because you won’t have to water and mow the lawn. The surface’s appearance also stays consistent throughout the year even with minimal washing and maintenance.

With all those benefits and advantages, it’s clear why more and more people choose artificial grass over natural. It’s especially the case now that synthetic grass now feels right and natural to touch.

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