What is a Soft Fall Rubber Surface? 


A soft fall rubber surface absorbs some of the impact when someone falls. This impact-absorbing capacity helps make injuries less likely, which is why it’s often installed in the following: 

  • Children’s playgrounds 
  • Elderly facilities 
  • Pool surrounds 

Safety in children’s playgrounds 

Notice that these places are where frequent accidents can happen. For example, children love jumping and running around. Trips and falls are likely, which is why the playground should have a soft surface for them to safely fall on. Even with extreme care, those little accidents are still likely. Our job then is to make the fall less painful (and won’t cause any serious injury).  

Elderly facilities 

It’s also the case in elderly facilities. Soft fall rubber surfaces can actually save lives and might even encourage movement (because the elderly know that they can safely walk on those surfaces). The elderly might not see some of the obstructions or take a wrong step anytime, which is why the surfaces should be somehow soft and safe for them even if little accidents do occur. 

Pool surrounds 

In pool surrounds, soft fall rubber surfaces can provide a safe and non-slip environment. Keep in mind that slippery surfaces can cause both little and major accidents anytime. With a safe and soft surface in the pool surrounds, kids can safely walk around and have more time in the pool. 

Enhancing the area’s design and appeal 

Aside from improving safety, soft fall rubber surfaces can also help enhance the area’s appeal. These surfaces can have bright colours that will encourage outdoor playtime. It can even be an awesome learning tool especially if the surface has an Australian map drawn on it. Children can look at maps and the surfaces and perhaps develop an interest about what’s in their country. 

For better safety and design in outdoor surfaces (children’s playgrounds, elderly facilities, pool surrounds and other areas), a soft fall rubber surface can do the job. This can help save lives and prevent serious injuries. It can also encourage more fun in the area because the environment is now safer.