What is the Safest Floor for a Playground? 


First, playground surfaces should have some grip and shock-absorbing qualities. This way, children won’t slip and even if they trip or fall, there won’t be much pain or injury. 

Ensuring safety on playground floors 

Safety first. This is the priority when designing and maintaining a playground. This way, accidents and injuries won’t occur. In addition, children will be able to play more and further enjoy their playtime. This will encourage further physical activity and perhaps better get along with other children. 

This safety covers not just the play equipment (e.g. should be age-appropriate, with no sharp edges and there are no loose or protruding screws). Safety also covers the entire playground floor surface. After all, children will continuously walk and run on the playground floor. In addition, we have to expect that sometimes they’ll trip or get down on their knees. It’s also expected that they will directly sit or lie on the floor. 

With those things in mind, it’s good to consider the following when choosing a playground floor surface: 

  • Shock absorption (extra cushion) 
  • Even surface 
  • Durability and longevity 

A bit of cushion can make falls soft and far from harmful. In contrast, if the trip or fall happens on a concrete or asphalt surface, this can cause a fracture or other serious injury. A bit of cushion and shock absorption can also make playtime smoother and more fun (it’s a bit like walking on a carpeted floor where the surface won’t be too hard on the feet, knees and legs). 

An even surface for the playground floor is also important. A slight bump can cause frequent falls, trips and other accidents. A slight unevenness can also cause rainwater and dirt to accumulate in a certain area. Also, that unevenness can spread further and make the floors bumpy and far from safe. 

The surface should also be durable and long lasting. This is also important because small damages can increase the risk of accidents. The surface should be able to withstand the constant contact from the fast and energetic kids who continuously walk, jump and run around. If the surface breaks or gets compromised while they’re playing, kids can be at a greater risk of danger. 

If you want to learn more about playground floor safety (and which floor surface is the most appropriate for your project), you can contact us here at Grass Rubber Play. Here we can talk about the most popular surfacing types such as artificial turf and soft fall rubber.