Why Acrylic Paint is Often Used on Sports Surfaces


Acrylic paint is often found on court surfaces for tennis, basketball, squash and other kinds of sports. One reason is its strength, durability and resistance, especially when it comes to enduring water, harsh sunlight and friction due to heavy use. As a result, the surfaces maintain their appearance and integrity, which makes it more delightful to enjoy the game.

Why acrylic paint is often used on sports surfaces

Acrylic paint is made of a polymer with excellent properties especially if we talk about hardness, texture and appearance. The coating can also be applied on a wide variety of materials such as ceramics, metal, wood, concrete and asphalt. With that layer of protection, a wide variety of objects and surfaces last long and maintain their appeal.

On sports surfaces that are usually made from asphalt or concrete, acrylic paint provides an excellent layer of protection as well as other benefits. For example, the coating helps a bit with cooling by decreasing the surface temperature around 15%. Also, glare is reduced which helps in improving visibility and enjoyment during an intense or fun game. This makes it more delightful for people to focus on the sports instead of getting distracted with the glare or unusually high temperatures. Players also notice that the surfaces provide good traction and good bounce.

When it comes to costs and maintenance, sports surfaces with acrylic paint are easy to maintain by hosing down the debris. Also, applying a new layer over the existing acrylic paint (to give the sports surface a fresh look) is practical and cost-effective as well. This makes it an optimal choice for sports facilities that are conscious of costs but still want to achieve excellent results.

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