Why is it Important to Have Parks and Playgrounds?


Whether it’s in a public area or commercial property, it’s important for both children and adults to see and feel a different kind of environment. Aside from breathing some fresh air, parks and playgrounds also play a huge role in people’s overall physical, emotional and mental health.

Why is it important to have parks and playgrounds

When it comes to mental and emotional health, all of us benefit from visiting parks and playgrounds because it’s a great opportunity to come out of isolation. Although most likely we rarely socialise and prefer to be alone, going outside still makes us feel less isolated. Somehow, we’re able to connect to the outside world and feel the warmth and presence of other people.

Those benefits have become already known to government agencies and Councils. Notice that in most suburbs there are parks and reserves (as well as dedicated play areas). Aside from improving the microclimate (because of the trees and fresh air) and conserving nature, those parks and reserves also help with our overall well being.

Investors and commercial developers also recognise those benefits, which is why they dedicate some of the money and space to developing outdoor play areas. These areas help raise the value of the entire place especially if the target market mainly consists of parents or those who are planning to start a family. Instead of looking at just the dwelling or the location of the building, savvy customers now also heavily consider other amenities (e.g. play areas for children), the entire environment and view and the whole package.

It’s a worthwhile and practical investment even though we can’t exactly quantify or put a financial return on installing outdoor play areas. What’s certain is that people value having an outdoor area to better breathe and relax. For children, it’s natural that they will prefer a wide outdoor space where they can freely play and explore.

Here at Grass Rubber Play, we’ve made those things happen by taking care of the entire installation and design of playgrounds (including the sourcing of the required equipment and ensuring a practical and safe design). Through the years, countless children have experienced fun and excitement because of our work. Contact us today if you require more information.