Why Proper Outdoor Lighting is Important?


Whether it’s for a residential outdoor area, basketball or tennis court or a large sporting field, proper outdoor lighting is important for safety, function and aesthetics. Proper lighting also makes the area feel welcoming (especially in residential areas) and highlights the key features of a landscape.

Importance of proper outdoor lighting

Decades ago, a simple outdoor lighting setup was often enough because it was only for night-time illumination. But today, lighting is also for enhancing the design of an outdoor area or feature. For example, strategic placement of lights can create drama and art even in common places. It can also be used for highlighting a business name or guiding people’s behaviour (we can let people know where they should go or walk through).

It’s especially the case now in our modern times when people stay out even way after sunset. Many of the exciting and memorable outdoor gatherings happen at night where the venue requires adequate and proper lighting. Aside from illumination, the lighting design and placement can create a welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

In basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds and other sporting fields, proper lighting is also important for safety and discouraging vandalism and other questionable activities. This helps in the proper maintenance of those recreation and sporting areas. Those lighted areas also provide extra illumination and location guidance for locals and passersby.

About lighting selection and installation

Given the importance of proper outdoor lighting, it’s time to talk about the selection and installation. For instance, halogen and LED lights are popular in both residential, leisure and commercial applications. Also popular are environment-friendly bulbs with a timer setup to save on energy.

When it comes to lighting installation, there might be a need for additional posts and electrical sockets and wiring. Proper installation is crucial for electrical safety and function (and ensure the area stays illuminated at night).

If you require assistance or full service on outdoor lighting installation, you can contact us here and our professionals will do it for you. We consider both design and function when illuminating a residential outdoor area or sports grounds.