Why Synthetic Turf is Chosen for Public Open Spaces 


Years ago, synthetic turf was only used in small private and commercial applications. As its benefits are becoming more recognised, synthetic turf is now also becoming present in several public open spaces. 

What are the advantages of artificial turf? 

Although synthetic turf has a significantly high upfront cost, the long-term savings on maintenance costs still makes it an attractive option. To maintain the synthetic turf’s appearance and integrity, it doesn’t require regular irrigation, the application of fertilisers and mowing of the surfaces (in contrast to what happens on natural lawns). 

Despite those clear benefits, many commercial, leisure and public spaces don’t yet have their areas fully covered with artificial turf. In many cases, it’s a hybrid installation where both natural grass and synthetic turf are used. It’s especially the case with the use of synthetic turf on high-wear areas. Artificial grass is suitable for these applications because of their durability, inertness and resistance. 

With this durability, the natural consequence is that the entire field will look and feel consistent even after several months and years. Most of the spots and areas will remain flat and even in contrast to natural surfaces where regular physical contact can result in compacted soil (and make some areas uneven or unusually hard). 

What about the turf’s lifetime and lifecycle costs? As mentioned earlier, artificial turf has a higher upfront cost but lower maintenance cost. With minimal water usage requirements, artificial turf is more suitable for dry conditions. In addition, artificial turf with proper care can last from 10 to 20 years. The total installation and maintenance costs will be spread out which results in a high ROI over time. 

If you require more information about synthetic turf and if it’s suitable for your project or space, you can contact us today here at Grass Rubber Play. Our experienced, fully qualified and accredited installers will give you the best set of recommendations so that you can maximise your ROI and enhance the use of your outdoor space.